About The Giver Challenge

A 16-week challenge where Citizens will have the opportunity to create unique profiles, earn points, win spectacular prizes, and designate charities to receive monetary donations on behalf of The Giver Challenge.

The Community will offer weekly themes to run every two weeks — from April 28th to August 3rd — and are based on seven of the motifs from The Giver. A “theme” winner will be announced every other week via email, starting on May 12th. Theme winners will be rewarded with unique & exciting trips and a $1000 donation to their selected charities. Other exciting giveaways will be distributed throughout the challenge, including Schwinn bicycles and gift cards to Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify. Players may also be selected for original/creative posts and have their creations featured as “Citizens of the Week.“

During the final two weeks (The Ceremony), the TOP 10 point earners will be put to a vote for the Grand Prize Winner as “The Receiver.” The Grand Prize Winner will take home a $10,000 cash award AND win the honor of designating a $10,000 donation for the charity of his or her choice.

Each competition will include “training” or tasks for players to share their own memories, individuality, or promotional items of The Giver movie. Players can progress by completing their training — in accordance with the rules of the community — and earning points and badges. Leaderboards will be displayed to track progress and development throughout each competition and towards The Ceremony. Click here for the Official Rules.

Watch for emails on Mondays, containing announcements or instructions from the Council or The Giver.

To get started, you must login, complete your profile and this week’s instructions. You will then be rewarded your SEED badge and be ready to join the Community.

Community Rules

  1. Add your Citizen's profile to the Community.
  2. Watch your email on Mondays for important messages from The Council and The Giver.
  3. When you receive your training instructions, start immediately to receive points and win prizes.
  4. You are exempt from the Rule of Sameness. You are instructed to be as creative as possible.
  5. You may not lie. All training exercises must be of your own creation.
  6. After completing your instructions, share your training with all of your online communities.
  7. Share your training by adding your TRAINING ID CODE to each assignment.

Weekly Themes

Happiness: April 28 - May 11


UN Foundation

When disaster strikes, the world turns to one organization for hope, help, leadership, and coordi​nation: the United Nations. When there is peace to keep between warring factions, the world asks the UN to mobilize peacekeepers, oversee elections, and create stability. In the face of challenges such as climate change, disease or poverty, the United Nations provides the platform for international cooperation. The United Nations Foundation is honored to work with you and the United Nations to foster a more peaceful, prosperous and just world.


UNICEF is the driving force that helps build a world where the rights of every child are realized. We have the global authority to influence decision­makers, and the variety of partners at grassroots level to turn the most innovative ideas into reality. That makes us unique among world organizations, and unique among those working with the young.

Scenarios USA

At Scenarios USA, young people’s stories matter. Using the incredible power of storytelling, curricula and student-written films in under-resourced schools, Scenarios advocates for classroom environments where students feel safe to dismantle stereotypes and deconstruct identity — a pivotal factor in how young people make decisions. Since 1999, Scenarios has been a national leader in opening the conversation for young people to voice their perspectives and become activists for social issues such as HIV/AIDS, racism, gender-based violence and LGBTQ issues. Scenarios has engaged 100,000 students, 4,000 teachers and an annual audience of 20 million viewers in our films and curricula.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

Right now there’s a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital working to save the lives of kids in your community. In fact, 62 children enter a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital for treatment every minute — that’s one child every second. Some are battling cancer. Some are suffering from a traumatic injury. Others require constant care because they were born too early, or with a genetic disease. Regardless of why the kids are there, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals always have their doors open.


Make­-A-­Wish grants the wish of a child diagnosed with a life­threatening medical condition in the United States and its territories, on average, every 38 minutes. We believe that a wish experience can be a game­changer. This one belief guides us. It inspires us to grant wishes that change the lives of the kids we serve.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

The mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is to advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. Consistent with the vision of our founder Danny Thomas, no child is denied treatment based on race, religion or a family’s ability to pay. Our vision is to be the world leader in advancing the treatment and prevention of catastrophic diseases in children. Through these efforts we seek to cure and enhance the quality of life for an increasing proportion of children who come to us for treatment, and by expanding and sharing knowledge, to advance treatment of children with catastrophic diseases worldwide, while developing strategies to prevent catastrophic diseases in children.

Feed The Children

Feed the Children brings together donors, corporations, foundations, families, local governments, and children into one compassionate community dedicated to helping kids be kids. We want to create a world where no child goes to bed hungry, and we do it by providing healthy food, safe water, education, and job training so that kids and their families in all 50 states and in 18 countries become independent.

Teach for America

All kids—no matter where they live, how much money their parents make, or what their skin color is – deserve access to a great education. But in our country today, low­-income children do not have the same access to a great education as their wealthier peers. It’s not easy to close this gap, but hundreds of proof points show that it’s possible. It takes committed leaders in our classrooms today who will continue to fight for students tomorrow. Teach For America’s mission is to build the movement to eliminate educational inequity by developing such leaders.

Boys & Girls Club of America

In every community, boys and girls are left to find their own recreation and companionship in the streets. An increasing number of children are at home with no adult care or supervision. Young people need to know that someone cares about them. Boys & Girls Clubs offer that and more. Club programs and services promote and enhance the development of boys and girls by instilling a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging and influence. Boys & Girls Clubs are a safe place to learn and grow – all while having fun. It is the place where great futures are started each and every day.

Children Defense Fund

From our inception, the Children’s Defense Fund has challenged the United States to raise its standards by improving policies and programs for children. Over the years, we have become known for careful research on children’s survival, protection and development in all racial and income groups and for independent analyses of how federal and state policies affect children, their families and their communities. We let the public know how effectively their elected officials stand up for children. Through this work, we have influenced the child policy agenda and helped define the results for which we, as a nation, should strive.

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